Factors to Consider Before Buying PMIS Used In 24 Hours Pharmacies in France

Pharmacy management information systems (PMIS) basically entail the maintenance of drugs and consumables in the 24 hours pharmacies in France. These information systems ensure availability of sufficient and quality of drugs and consumable materials for the patients visiting the pharmacy ( urgence appel avec geoallo ).  This will enhance the efficiency of clinical work; ease the patients’ convenience and process drug prescriptions effectively. The system will also help to reduce time wasting, saving resources, allow easy access to medicine as well as bring on more security on the data compared to manual based system.

The PMIS integrates pharmaceutical data collection and the processing and presentation of information that helps staff at all levels of a country’s health system make evidence-based decisions to manage pharmaceutical services. The Importance of PMIS is providing the necessary information to make sound decisions in the pharmaceutical sector. Effective pharmaceutical management requires policy makers, program managers and health care providers to monitor information related to patient adherence, drug resistance, availability of medicines and laboratory supplies, patient safety, product registration, product quality, financing and program management.

When purchasing PMIS software, the following factor should be thoroughly consulted in order to ensure that the best decision is made.

Ease of Adoption and Use

Even in a pharmacy set up, a learning and adoption curve is involved with every new software purchase. It needs to be integrated with current systems and software. The end users in 24 hours pharmacies in France have to be brought up to speed using it. If the software is chunky as well as too complex, adoption resistance can occur. Ease of Use The software should have an intuitive interface, and use of features should be pretty much self evident. The shorter the learning curve training a new user, the better. The software should also have the ability to easily fit into the existing systems with which it will have to communicate. For example, collaboration software might allow you to use some features from your Outlook itself.

Cost of the Software Program

There’s no denying the importance of cost in buying decisions across 24 hours pharmacies in France. Yet costs should be seen in a broad perspective, because low entry costs may well result in higher total costs along the product’s life. A cost-benefit analysis makes sense. Costs need to be compared with the software’s range of features and functionalities. A document management system may not be the cheapest, but it may allow you to also set up a virtual office. Going for loads of features also constitutes a trap, because users never get around to using half of them. Another question is whether there is an overlap between features and needs at all. Many features may not relate to needs sought to be addressed. You should clearly define your needs and classify features as “needed features” or “features not needed”. Another possible scheme of classifying features could be “must have”, “nice to have”, and “future requirements”.

Company History and Experience of the Vendor

The vendor needs to be sized up before we even go on to consider the software itself. Background is essential because, unlike traditional companies, software companies are often small, & often beyond national boundaries. Since these companies would likely be handling our sensitive data, we need to do a background check. Some related questions are: How Long Have They Been Around? As in most cases, we can reasonably assume that past record is a good indicator of future performance. Important questions are – How long have they been around? How long have they been in the field? If they’re offering business communication software, have they been in this industry long enough? Even if the software is new, do they have experience developing related software?

The ultimate judge of software is its users. To get a true picture, it is important to look at how other 24 hours pharmacies in France are using the software & what their comments are. Does their site include a client’s list or page? Check out what customers say under testimonials, or you could even get in touch with the customers yourself for comments.

Security of the system

Security of the information system is a top consideration because the software handles information critical to 24 hours pharmacies in France.  Pharmacies need to be well assured that our data is safe & there are no risks of it being compromised. This needs extensive research of which depends on the sensitivity of our data.

Encryption, or coding of information, is used by most companies to protect the integrity of their clients’ information. Nonetheless, more pharmacies are using the systems to handle and store data about their patients and prescription. There are different types of encryption, each of which is associated with a different level of security. Password protection is another important facet. The software is required to withstand manual and automated attempts to hack existing passwords.  The ability of the system to detect a hacking attempt and lock up in time is important.

Consider Scalability in the future

Owners of 24 hours pharmacies in France ought to think about the growth of pharmacy practice in the future. They should make projections about the growth and make a decision to buy appropriate information systems.  The ability of the systems to adjust to fit in he needs of a growing client base is vital and with dentists ( visitez ce site ) too. Again, there is need to understand the running of the software. The provider should explain whether the software can run on a mobile device, laptop or desktops. This can enhance the use of the system by the pharmacist.

A professional in information technology should be able to establish compatibility of the hardware and software. Due to the different specifications of computer, some software may not run on low rated devices. In this regard, the software should adjust to fit in changes of future technological changes.

The five factors discussed above are some of the major reasons to be considered when making a purchase decision for PMIS software for 24 hours pharmacies in France. I highly recommend that these points be scrutinized for a better decision.


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